When the male newborn  testicles are located in the scrotal pouches (scrotum). If the testicle has not lowered, but dropped back along its path or is "stuck" somewhere in the abdominal cavity, this phenomenon is called cryptorchidism.
On lowering the testicles affect both hormonal and mechanical factors. Testis develops in the eighth week of pregnancy. Testosterone, produced by special cells (Leydig), acting on the development of male sexual organs from embryonic structures that form and female sex organs.
Difference arises acting testosterone, are formed when the male sex organs: the outlet duct testicular and prostate (epididymis), vas deferens, seeds bubbles and vas deferens. From 32 to 36 weeks of pregnancy testicle which is attached to the internal inguinal ring special ligament begins to "go down" in the scrotum, and at the same time it takes to mention ligament.
If you are on this journey happen some unforeseen "trouble", the testicle will remain in the inguinal canal, and 15% of boys backlog in the abdominal cavity or elsewhere (ectopic testis). In this case, it is necessary to do additional tests (ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, scintigraphy).
If it brings a visit to the site, then conversion optimization is a support site performance and increase sales and defined goal, and it's clear that the CRO (Conversion optimization hereinafter CRO) required for each Web site that has a conversion.
Step 1. Testing conditions
To CRO well done embarking on an examination of their respective habits and visitors to the site, where they move, what they search, what are the sites with the highest percentage of output. Here are most of the attention paid to funnel sales (sales funnel), to get the accurate information you need to have set goals in analytics (Goals). Each site has a different type of conversion on the site, at someone is a phone call, subscription to the newsletter (bulletin), buy, download (books, software, etc.).
The most important thing is to set up healthy strategies to optimize conversion.
After setting goals, we look at the most important parameters in analysis.
Compare your site with the competition. Not only will you have an insight into what elements are missing your site, but each of these elements canopy A / B split test can check how much are important for visitors to your site. Compare prices, offer and how your competitors are communicating with a common target public. Setting up a successful sales funnel is the basis of CRO, and shall be established through a combination of analysis and testing of landing pages.
Step 2. The creative process
In order to achieve the conversion, the user when deciding to purchase online passes from the research phase to the phase of purchase. To become a customer user has to decide who will give their trust to a decision with which the website will do the buying may depend on many factors. Here we come to the landing pages (landing pages) and the importance of their optimization. Extremely recommended to increase the conversion is that any change in working through A / B split test, because that way you can at any moment to know that the test lading party had never worked satisfactorily.
Details can sometimes be extremely important in the conversion to opitmizaciji, see below infographic that explains the most important elements in optimizing landing pages

First Love In Kindergarten

24/12/2015 08:42
The children fall in love for the first time in the fifth or sixth year, experts say. It is important that parents timely notice signs of affection, since the child probably will not want to talk about it, and it is important to accept this as a normal part of growing up. Here's how to "break in" sympathy in kindergarten ...
A child smiles as soon as you mention the name of sympathy, suddenly became interested in romantic scenes in cartoons, plays the "family". If you notice that only one story a friend or comrade or daycare not be separated from the child, it is time for parents to ask a question like: I see you constantly with Nikola (Jan), if you feel a little different when you are together? Moms and dads should not swarm into love children and investigate, but let them decide whether they will recognize them and how.
The first falling in love do not last long, but they are strong
It is very important to them and older do not tease, because in later years to avoid them entrust love problems. The first falling in love do not last long and the kids are quickly overcome, but feelings can be hurt them if they crush "left". In this case, parents should be told that they had as little the same situation and that it was no big deal.
Coughing is actually a reflex! Each reflex begins irritation and respiratory irritation is the driving reflex cough. It is followed by a deep breath, and powerful exhalation followed by narrowing of the trachea and larynx, which can be heard as a cough. Exhalation is incredibly powerful, so that droplets expelled from the respiratory flying at a speed of over 150 km / h!
By far the most common triggers of cough reflex are infections and allergies. Far more rarely happens that a foreign body is causing coughing. It is a dramatic situation accompanied by other problems, which, fortunately, does not happen often.
What kind of cough there?
Dry and moist. Dry (stimulatory) occurs as a result of direct damage to the upper respiratory tract. Cause it almost all the respiratory viruses that "wound" mucosa
respiratory tract, and the child has frequent bouts of coughing. One of the most common causes irritant cough is a confluence of secretions from the nose, throat and windpipe. There is a secretion "stick", and the child is coughing attacks. Often, refunds due to this irritating straining. What child more cough, the more damage the already wounded mucous membranes of the airways and so forth until the body does not overcome the virus - the most common cause of this type of cough.
Dry cough is rarely companion some serious respiratory diseases in children, and it is accompanied by a high temperature and harsh ("playing") and accelerated
breathing - almost certainly be a harmless virus diseases!
Why children are more likely to cough at night?
During the day, while the child is active, part secretions ejected through the nose or swallowed. At night, when you sleep, secretion nowhere to go, so the basin to the trachea and provoke coughing. Wet cough rarely occurs in children. It occurs when the bronchi are filled, but the cough
secretion "pumped" (so called a productive cough). Usually it is a bronchitis, rarely of pneumonia.
How to cure a cough?
There is a simple medical rule: Do not treat the cough, but his cause!
Therefore it is very important to diagnose illness accompanied by cough. Cure the underlying disease and cough will pass.
Vision of  newborn child is about 20 to 30 times worse than in adults. Babies can not see many colors, especially shades of blue and not purple.
Newborn see objects that are about half a meter away from their eyes, which is the distance that most mothers holding their baby while she breastfeeds or cuddled.
Also, a baby is born with peripheral vision, and only with time acquires the ability to focus on one point in the center of your field of vision.
By the time the baby reaches one week, will be able to recognize the face of parents and distinguishes it from other persons. During this period the baby obilčno observe moving objects.
With a month, your baby may be short-term focus on an object that is up to 90 centimeters away, as well as to clearly identify the details, movement and color.
The third month is crucial for the development of vision, because the baby then focus the lens in the eyes and are therefore develops the ability to see objects at different distances from the eye. During this period, developing convergence, the ability of both eyes to view the same object at the same time.
At six months, your baby develops coordination, the ability to both eyes coordinated follow a moving object.
After the first six months of life, development is slowed down and toddler level of vision adults reached between three and five years of age.
Babies and young children should be more moving. Movement increases the presence of oxygen in the brain, leading to improved sleep, vision, digestion and reduces the risk of illness from respiratory diseases.
Douglas Doman, a US expert with the Institute for Human Resource Development, recently visited Belgrade and conveyed information about the development of children's intelligence. To kids were healthy and every part of their brains developed, developing motor skills is of paramount importance.
Therefore, experts from the Institute note that the babies and young children should be more moving. Movement increases the presence of oxygen in the brain, leading to improved sleep, vision, digestion and reduces the risk of illness from respiratory diseases.
- A baby, one month after the birth, do not put it on her back like a turtle, which, in this case, it can not be moved, but the stomach. This will strengthen the arms, legs, and neck, learn to hold the head upright. Put it in this position for 15 minutes, several times a day and will soon be ready for the next phase.
- "Crawling" means that your baby is making small movements, odupirujući the feet and hands on the surface. Because the youngest member provide a warm, safe, sterile floor, where it may no longer be on the stomach. Make it in onesie, barefoot and bare hands to help could not resist on the substrate.
- These movements will soon be a fuel line to a crawl. To encourage children to boldly on this, you or an older child crawl on the floor, to see the baby how to do it.
- Also, do not dress him clothes that will restrict the go and can not primoravajte baby moving, but let it fit when she wants to rest.
Look carefully at your child after the second month. It will make a brief and shy smiles when he feels satisfied. These smiles are likely to become more frequent and bolder with time. Your heart melt when you see that smile. As your baby becomes more aware, easily happens that "overdoses life."
Crying in the late afternoon and evening is one of the ways in which the baby will respond to the pressure and demands of learning about her new world. Wrap it, rock it and play with it. If it does not work, put it somewhere and let her cry and so lessen the stress.
San will be in this age of change in subtle ways. Although too young to sleep last night, baby's dream is increasingly oriented towards the night and day vigilance. Treat me gently and quietly to her during the night, in order to learn the difference between night and day. Keep playing for the day.
The time has come to your little son doing push-ups. A baby learns to raise his head when placed on her body and strengthens the arms and shoulders. It is important that each day spend some time in this position. It will reduce flattening of the head resulting from too much sleep on his back, and give the baby a chance to learn about the world from a new point of view. Compared with a new pose, looking at the ceiling is less interesting. And if you lie down on the floor in front of it, it is even more interesting.
No, it's not a pigeon in the house! It is the cooing sound of your small a pet for the first time trying to talk. Respond to and imitating sounds. It will surprise and delight you. They will soon learn how to suit the real conversation will be able to start.
Babies at this age like to be tightly bent with hands near the face. The pressure on their bellies and slightly rocking will help them to calm down when upset.
"Kangaroo carriers" are a great invention for babies of this age. Babies need support for your head, they love the proximity of moms and dads and like to be involved in the life around him. Studies have shown that this type of bending while still reduce the crying is normal at this age.

Plugins Useful For SEO

30/11/2015 08:21
Although some of them have a paid version, you do not need it. NiNet hosting support will be for you after purchase hosting and install WordPress and plugins for your needs, and suggest you to select plugins from the list below that you like, and ask that they not be installed for you. :)
1. Yoast SEO
Yoast SEO is simply the best plugin that will solve almost all problems with your WordPress blog. If you are using Yoast not need any Google XML Sitemaps plugin, because it is the same in Yoast integrated.
The first third of this post will vividly demonstrate how to set the Yoast SEO, including Google XML sitemaps. An article that goes into depth settings plugin, which most will not be required, located on Yoast blog. 
Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress
Filling only the fields "SEO title" and "Meta Description" or descriptive tag. Here's what it looks like in practice:
Second Google Analytics for WordPress
With GA for WP plugin is easy to connect to Google Analytics to your WordPress site. Otherwise, this plugin is also developed by Yoast.
3. WP Socializer
WordPress Socializer allows you to set buttons for   social networks   above and below your posts, and you can install and "floating share bar", or "box," which on blogs that use it usually stands at the top left corner of the article.
4. WP Social SEO Booster
WP Social SEO Booster adds Facebook Open Graph and Google Rich Snippets to your blog. In practice, setting FB Open Graph means that you can select the title, description for the post and the image that will be displayed when someone share your article on Facebook. In the Google Rich Snippets this time I will not go, because for them I still have not found the perfect plugin.
5. Akismet
Akismet is a great plugin that will automatically obirsati all comments that bots are sent to your blog. It is very effective:
6. Ithemes SECURITY
Ithemes Security (formerly Better WP Security) is a plugin that will save you a lot of trouble to protect your WordPress blog. In this article, please read more detailed information on protecting your WordPress blog. Also, you might be interested in the way to make a backup of your WordPress blog about how backapovati WordPress blog read here.
7th Login LockDown
This simple plugin allows you to define how many times someone can make a mistake username and password to login to your site. If the error occurs several times, no one with the IP protocol completely will not be able to attempt to log in to your site a certain time, the length of which you define. Also, it is possible to automatically attempt to ban logging in to the site to all who enroll non-existent username.
Parents often complain that their baby changing behavior every two-three months.
It seems to you that your lovable and happy baby overnight becomes a second and more do not recognize: not to sleep, touching everything that falls under the arm, and then asked to eat the whole night. And then, a week or two later, she again becomes "old". Moreover, now you act more mature.
Sound familiar?
Dutch researchers found that kids in the first year of life go through six phases in which completely change their behavior: become moody, grumpy and often wake during the night. These changes usually occur within four weeks, third, fifth, seventh, eighth and tenth month, and last for a week or two.
What they are for?
When you pass a stage of "going crazy," the parents notice that their baby has progressed in development. The scientists conclude that
changes in the brain, as a condition of the next step in development, causing anxiety and "changing the baby's character," which is considered
a normal occurrence.

Tremor In Babies

25/11/2015 13:38
In the first days and weeks of life in the newborn and in infants can apply various transient phenomena. Usually, it is a physiological tremor, which is characterized by the rhythmic movements of the extremities in the form of synchronous, symmetrical twitches, which totally cease when a child caught in the arms or legs. 
They can occur in the dream or in the waking state. In such situations, the consciousness of a child is completely intact, the child follows the sea, react to sound and behave normally. The above phenomenon is usually due to inadequate maturation (ripening) the structure of the central nervous system, can sometimes be due to asphyxia or suffering brain due to lack of oxygen during birth. These symptoms would gradually, over time, should go. They tend to be gentler and more discreet, so that at one time completely stop.
If these phenomena continue, or deepen, it is necessary that the child looked at child neurologist for further details and clarification of the possible causes.
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