A Baby On A Playground - 6 Things You Should Pay Attention

08/04/2016 14:27
Playground or small park are the best party place for every child, but it is also a place where children feel about injuries. No matter how careful your child will get the situation had to survive a fall, or a random shot of peers, but we must do everything to avoid serious injury.
1. Do not let the child out of sight
No matter how much work it was all safe, before you know it, the child finds himself in a situation to the you did not expect, even on the flat and empty space. Most injuries of children in playgrounds happen due to carelessness.
2.Adequate Wardrobe For Playground
Luggage game should be as simple as possible. Watch the child has no necklaces, scarves, handbags, suspenders or anything else that can be attached, stuck and cause injury. Helmet bicycle or inline skating is also not recommended to climbers.
Footwear for the game should be comfortable, simple and adapted to the weather and the conditions on the field. If you know that a child will go in the sand, see that no shoes in the sand that you can enter. Do not release the child to the gym in slippers or shoes which is slippery and unsafe.
3. Dial the court in accordance with the child's age
Great gym, swings and other equipment for children in the park, eating is not suitable for every age. Make sure that your child is having fun at those that correspond to its size and motor abilities. On most courses are separate areas for children under five years. Injuries from falls are less if it falls with less height.
4. Learn the child to properly use the equipment in the playground
Most of the swing is intended for a child, which sits while rocking. Standing and other positions on swings are not safe, as no more children on a swing. With swings are down when they stop. The child should be kept at a safe distance while the other children swinging, so it would not accidentally hit.
Slides are provided for lowering the sitting position. Make sure that the child does not fall head first, not to go with lowering whereas previously the child is not completed, to get away from the slides as soon as they drop to the next child would not hurt ...
Creepers are different, but all should teach a child to hold fast and to climb slowly, step by step.
The equipment in the playground should be used only if it is dry. The wet jungle gym and slides may cause the child to slip and suffer serious falls and injuries.
5. Make sure to little more children
Although a little higher, they are still small children, you can not count that will always be sensitive to even small children. When they set fire to play, run, jump and climb up, is not likely to pay attention to José minor child, who get in their way. Your child will of course be interesting to everything bigger children work, so plan ahead and save, which will distract your children in such a situation to the.
6. Review the playground
Before you leave a child on a playground, make sure you meet hygiene and safety standards. Before you allow your child to climb, make the jungle gym or swing is not broken down, some part of dumped or broken.
Young children are curious and love to all you touch it. Make sure the field does things you do not want to see the children's hands, debris, broken glass ...
Try to always have with you hand sanitizer, wet wipes, gel, or liquid. Regardless of the age of the child, there is little chance that his hands stay clean.