5 Tips For Children's Supervision When Using Social Networks

11/03/2016 10:43
Social networks have become unavoidable, and children who do not use them they can feel isolated, because even in virtual reality more difficult for others to accept and thus confirm their value. This form of communication in education has many benefits, strengthens familiarity with companions, facilitates organization and cooperation on school projects. However, despite this, things can go wrong ...
A child can easily "stumbles" on inadequate facilities, so it is important to ensure that parents learn to use social networks. Experts advise moms and dads:
Create a profile on the network and become a virtual friend to your child. You will be part of his online world and you will have an idea of ​​what looks, listens, loves, what content forwarded to others. However, do not place any comments, not to shame them children.
Strive to be a role model for the youngest, because if you're constantly on the network, the child will follow your example. Also, it is important to insist that it goes to sleep at the scheduled time and to restrict late correspondence with friends via the computer.
Talk about the content on the Internet, as well as social benefits and that experience with the sites.
Computer sure to keep in the living room, in the central part of the house, to control its use. If you have a laptop, ask your child to use it in the common areas, but not in his room.
Encourage children to refrain from malicious comments, gossip and all that they can be considered in relation to others.