6 Ways How School Kids Manipulate Their Parents Part 2

30/03/2016 15:30
Kids are great at getting what they want through an agreement with the parents. "Let me go with Anne after school and I promise to do homework!"
Tell the child that you know he wants to play for time, but it has not yet earned. If he fulfills his part of the task (completing homework) can count that as a result the time to play.
Thwarting victims
Children perfectly manage to get what they want so they will make you feel sorry for him. For example: "I am the only person in the house who can never see a movie of the week."
You need to take the emotional connotation of any short-term goal that the child is trying to accomplish. Give the child to you the story of how it looks and how it feels when "one person" and let him know that you care about his feelings. The short-term goal of a child (to be up late) is a separate topic and not related to emotions. Do not let up.
Divide and conquer
These are the moments when a child tries to get what he wants testing weakness in your marriage relationship. For example: "But Dad said I could watch the game with him if you do homework during commercials."
The first talk, and agree in advance with your partner what kind of decisions share (eg. Home, spending money, social activities) and then, or consult with him or his bow that. loosen. If the problem falls into a gray area, tell your child that you first have to consider.