6 Ways How School Kids Manipulate Their Parents

29/03/2016 15:28
Your child wants to go to bed late, avoid homework, just be with my friends and all day can watch TV and play games. In short, your school wants to do anything but go to bed at a decent time and do your homework when needed. Moreover, there is a lot of smart reasons to be his way.
Here are the six most common ways in which school children manipulate their parents and how to fix them, according to a doctor of psychology David Swanson:
emotional blackmail
About emotional blackmail talking when a child deliberately expresses emotion they know that would cause discomfort. For example: "I just want to look at the new episode, and then do my homework. Why can never have a little fun before domestic? You do not care about me! "
This kind of emotional outburst or the manipulation or the child is just sad and angry. Anyway, put the child know you understand how they feel and that you care, or stay at his request. Emotions are part of life.
The child will try to avoid dealing with the problem, such as for example, going to bed during the working week, so you just will not respond. You tell him to turn off the TV and it does not move even after ten minutes. This will last as long as you do not stop!
It is normal for children to do whatever they can and store what you do not want to work. You need to communicate to them that they consequences await them and honor its words, for example: "If you do not turn off the TV within five minutes, tomorrow there watching TV." So proceed.
The irrational logic
We're talking about situations when your child is trying to alleviate your reaction to certain behavior by introducing the conversation irrelevant information such as: "Why do I have to go to bed before 23 hours during the school week? Last year I had / by all fives. "
Do not rest against the bait. Generally do not waste energy on explaining how one has nothing to do with the other. Be persistent in their demands.