7 Important Facts About Baby Skin

09/05/2016 17:38
The skin of a newborn has certain characteristics:
The entire skin is thinner, and especially its most superficial part - the epidermis;
Sweat glands exist, or immediately after birth are not active. Newborn can not establish thermoregulation by sweating it therefore not be pretopljavati clothing and blankets;
The sebaceous glands are developed, especially on the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin;
Scent glands are not developed;
Newborn skin contains more water and minerals;
Because of the thin surface layer of newborn skin has poor mechanical protection against bacterial infections. Therefore, should pay great attention to hygiene especially around natural openings - the anus and the external opening of the urethra - and flexible surfaces in axillary regions, in the groin, the neck and between the posterior (interglutealno);
Weaker defense against microbial infections of the skin and contributes to lower the pH of the skin due to poor function of the sebaceous glands.