Baby's Developing Vision Part 2

28/04/2016 16:41
Three to four months
The baby begins to reach for objects but still is unable to reach them because they can not coordinate the movements of the hand. Take your time, in this age intensively coordinating eye movements with hand movements, so it will soon scream of happiness when caught toy. Help her playing with her: offering her rattle vibrant colors and check the catch. You will notice that the baby begins to grabbing by all means in hand, and often "suffer" Mom's hair, glasses or earrings. All of this means that co-ordination between the brain, eye and hand movements progresses.
five months
By now she was trying to reach only large objects, but is now starting to notice those finer. In addition, identified items that you saw earlier (looking forward to when he saw a favorite toy!). This is a sign that the brain is "fanned" in development which is reflected in the improvement of the baby's vision. She now knows that objects exist when out of sight. Therefore, babies of this age love game "Where's the baby?": Mom put her towel over his face, the baby prone and was processed as again see my mom.
Six to seven months
The baby's vision is developed to the point that it now clearly see people and objects in their environment, but not to a great distance. Given that her world comes down to what is happening in its immediate vicinity, that her skill is not required. It will gradually develop, and at the age around the first birthday, your child will be able to recognize when dad comes home from work, even from a distance of several dozen meters.