Baby's Developing Vision

27/04/2016 16:38
In contrast to the sense of hearing, which is in the baby fully formed until the age of one month, vision develops gradually and slowly. Your child will be able to see just as well as an adult until the age of seven months.
The newborn is born formed the sense of sight, but his brain is not sufficiently "mature" to analyze the image or to send messages to eye about what they see. As the brain develops, so improving the baby's eyesight. First things first ...
The first two weeks
A baby can only see what's right in front of her, inches from her. So, can register his features mother when she is holding in her arms when her face closer. Make out light, shapes and movement, but her picture is still hazy and unclear.
A month
At this age, babies can not yet coordinated to use both eyes, but it often happens that every eye "keep its policy". Most parents are afraid thinking that their child is cross-eyed, but this is quite normal. By the end of the first month or the middle of the next baby's eyes will fail to "agree" with the brain and it will be able to focus the view of an object with both eyes.
two months
Bebe color blind from birth, but only contrast (black and white, yellow and blue!). Over time, the "cooperation" the eyes and the brain improves, so will the baby be able to distinguish even the colors of similar tones (such as orange and red). In this age it is advisable to practice: show your baby toys and brightly colored pictures, talk to her and singing, it helps develop the sense of sight and sense of hearing.