Carrying Baby - Do Not Go Overboard

04/02/2016 08:41
When a baby cries, the parents usually take her in his arms, Prive with themselves and thus dies. Later, when the little boy grows up, will provide gear and will seek to carry it, and you will not always be able to do it. We explain what to do in situations like this ...
It is not what should not be exaggerated, but not in wearing a baby - especially at night. Many parents say that this is the only way to dying baby, which is probably true - they are used to the run, and therefore can be quiet only in mom or dad's arms. This usually happens too caring parents who, out of fear that a child is not something bad happens, the first day getting used to carry the baby. In addition to being physically and mentally exhausted parents (because the child grows and becomes more difficult), carrying babies and it can not hurt. In order to motor your toddler is properly developed, it must be free to move his legs, arms and torso, and it can not work if it is constantly in someone's arms.
Get used child in a different position
The baby should be as often as possible to put it on her back or stomach because turning, raising his head and tumbling, it develops all muscle groups. If the child cries when you place it on a flat surface, it is because it is not accustomed to this position, but does not feel safe. Of course, once you start to cry, you'll raise it to calm him ... In this case, turning in a vicious circle, but do not know how to hang your baby in different positions.
Quitting wearing
It should be noted that the weaning babies from the constant wearing and getting used to the other positions very complex process, which requires a lot of time and patience. To start with, the baby can wear in a horizontal position - facedown on the floor or the ceiling to get used to being separated from your body. Then, move on to the second phase: lie down on the bed with the baby, put it beside me on the stomach or back, but play with it (Tickle is pat, sing to her ...). Do it every day. When a child gain a sense of security out of your arms, will start just to play in a supine position and will not seek to take it. However, I do not suddenly get up and disappear from the child's sight - because it will make you cry. If your baby is crawling, can go for you and fall off the bed!