First Love In Kindergarten

24/12/2015 08:42
The children fall in love for the first time in the fifth or sixth year, experts say. It is important that parents timely notice signs of affection, since the child probably will not want to talk about it, and it is important to accept this as a normal part of growing up. Here's how to "break in" sympathy in kindergarten ...
A child smiles as soon as you mention the name of sympathy, suddenly became interested in romantic scenes in cartoons, plays the "family". If you notice that only one story a friend or comrade or daycare not be separated from the child, it is time for parents to ask a question like: I see you constantly with Nikola (Jan), if you feel a little different when you are together? Moms and dads should not swarm into love children and investigate, but let them decide whether they will recognize them and how.
The first falling in love do not last long, but they are strong
It is very important to them and older do not tease, because in later years to avoid them entrust love problems. The first falling in love do not last long and the kids are quickly overcome, but feelings can be hurt them if they crush "left". In this case, parents should be told that they had as little the same situation and that it was no big deal.