First Visit To The Hairdresser

11/01/2016 09:05
If you have not yet led to the hairdresser a child, then get ready for that youngster this will not be a pleasant experience. To all went well, follow our advice!
Although mothers visit to the hairdresser as rather pleasant, do not expect your child to share your enthusiasm when you first take her for a haircut. On the contrary, it is more likely to protest and make a "circus". Here are some tips on how to reverse the situation and make it bearable.
Right Time
If your baby was born with lots of hair and lots of scrunching, first haircut would need somewhere around the age of nine months. However, if her head covered with soft down, the first encounter with deep can wait until the second birthday. There is no right or wrong time for first cut. It all depends on your taste and length of the baby's Kosice.
The bad news is that when a hairdresser cut a baby's curls, it is likely that they never appear (unless the child has inherited your curly hair). The good news is that after cutting the first Kosice, this "other" becomes denser and stronger.
Good preparation
Before you take your child for the first time the freezer, it does not hurt that it previously prepared: bring it with you when you're sucked, so that it can be satisfied that cutting hair does not hurt, and scissors, in this case, do not make people big deal.
At the same time it is important to see that smile and politely speak to the hairdresser. In this way, the kids will realize that haircut pleasant experience and there is no reason to fear. In addition, do not tell your child that his / her hair cut off, but that was a good aunt to edit, and that after the treatment look more beautiful and modern.
Selection saloon
Toddlers not like changes or rejoice unknown. Therefore, for the first cut, select lounge where they have experience working with children. This is important because you should know that the kids squirm and do not have the patience to sit still, so his / her first cut should be done by a person who is not Nervous and will know how to entertain and persuade not to move. The best way to do that is to release a CD with some cartoons or children's film.
Clever tools
Be sure to bring a few of his favorite toys. When you sit in a chair, turn it back to the mirror sees scissors, and then give him a toy - so will distract him and hire gear. If you do not want to sit on a chair, hold it in your lap. It is a good idea and to bring a box in which to save the cropped curls. Ask a friend, that your child knows well, to go with you, and as a hairdresser is doing her job, she photographed a child. The benefit is twofold: the child's attention will focus on the camera, and you will remain the photos as a beautiful memory.
A positive attitude
If I felt your fear and restlessness, the child will be more Nervous and his first visit to the hairdresser almost certainly turn into a circus. So, stay positive and tell the child that the haircut fun and that after leaving the salon look the same as one of his favorite actor, singer or other celebrity. Remember: Optimism is a transitional, so if the child is felt that you look forward to going to the hairdresser, and will only do so live.
Good timing
Be sure to visit the hairdresser to make an time between lunch and nap time, so that the child is not hungry and not sleepy. However, if that day what is generally a bad pitch and paid (and it happens), rather cancel dates and dispose of "mission" for another day. It's a better solution than to take it from the power and thus his 'delight' visit to the hairdresser for a longer period of time.