Fit after birth

16/02/2015 04:38

Fit after birth - back to old strengths

Joys and sorrows of the parent happiness lie - at least for most mothers - close together. For the little guy who could make it nine months in the belly cozy, has left its mark. Apart from the disastrous to the increased number of kilos must take note of woman with horror, wear stretch marks and sagging belly does not really help you to feel comfortable around. But before it comes with free weights and exercise mat back to the desired figure should be clarified in advance some things.

Step by step to the old form:

Rule Number One: The strong, silent type

Who puts itself to high goals is in danger of being overwhelmed. The desired result may not be immediately apparent, and the self-confidence to rattle again in the basement. So rather small, but effective exercise units that achieve long term results and more on top of that are healthier and kinder to your body and soul.

Rule Number Two: baby as a home trainer

Mothers - whether they like it or non-automatic sporting, for he who believes that a more difficult nascent baby which you day after day carries around with him no lasting traces in the form of muscle mass leaves, are completely wrong!

Rule Number Three: The rest follows (almost) by itself

A moderate gymnastics program and halfway sensible diet will do the rest for old character to come closer step by step. A little willpower and perseverance are - as with any fitness plan - here are needed, because nothing comes from nothing known.
Fitness Timetable:

The first two weeks after birth:

IMPORTANT: Absolutely NO abdominal training, even if such problem area is number one!
Premature abdominal training weakens sustain the pelvic floor - an area that deserves as one of the first full attention, because especially after a vaginal birth, the pelvic floor is severely stretched and therefore not 100% usable. Constant pelvic floor weakness to incontinence are ugly consequences that should be avoided.
Dear should relaxation and toning units are available for the pelvic floor on the program, as well as gentle exercises for circuit activation

The first three months after birth:

This can now be started relatively unconcerned with postnatal exercises. A solid surface and a bit of space are enough to own four walls in a mini - to transform the gym. Exercises that stimulate the lochia and blood flow are on the program as a small selection of expansion units, pelvic abdominal muscle and back exercises. Who at home alone is not enough to find driving tired limbs into motion, to participate in a Rückbildungsgymnastik course - preferably with baby, because that not only have they anything like this!

From the fourth month after birth:

Is their pelvic floor again (can best be confirmed by their gynecologist) fully functional, they may sporty fully go back on the whole! Sports such as swimming, walking, inline skating, horseback riding, Pilates or yoga continue to support the pelvic floor activity, get fit and do not pollute. Caution still sports such as jogging, tennis or volleyball - here you should probably preferable to wait a few weeks not to create unnecessary load to the pelvic floor.
6 sports in check

Who from the fourth month full of energy now, and the rest Schwangerschaftspölsterchen finally moeche declare war, is sure his favorites in these six sports.

1. Cycling

Ideally suited to the condition reserves to rebuild a bit. Three to five times a week cycle cozy enough already to improve the basic endurance significantly.

2. Nordic Walking

The so-called Nordic Walking is considered downright ptimaler entry sport! Trains stamina and strong gentle additionally the upper body. 10 to 15 minutes a day they should incorporate into their fitness plan.

3. Swimming

An extremely soft and gentle way to both their perseverance, and to trim her figure back on top form. Caution in imperial or episiotomy wounds - they have to avoid infection, his previously completely healed! Once or twice a week, 45 minutes moderate exercise should be scheduled here.

4. Yoga

Yoga is an Indian philosophical doctrine, which includes a range of mental and physical exercises (eg Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, kriyas, meditation) and / or asceticism. Yoga stretches and strengthens not only the muscles, but also promotes the concentration, and helps stressed mothers back to relax a little.

5. Pilates

Similar to yoga helps Pilates to let your mind wander a bit, relax and, incidentally, to tighten the muscles.

6. Aerobic

The rule is: prepare only increase their basic fitness and sufficient pelvic floor, as in this sport ligaments and pelvic floor are exposed by the thrusts a big load! An alternative is aqua fitness offer - through the water ligaments and pelvic floor exercises are gentle and sparing