Genetic Predisposition For Developmental Hip Dysplasia

07/10/2015 09:43

Genetic predisposition is now recognized in two ways: one is the different ethnic / geographic distribution disorder (in some parts of northern Europe and North America, Japan, in the Mediterranean, as well as in our country this disease is much more common), and the second is the impact of inheritable hypermobility joints which facilitates the emergence of developmental dysplasia of the hip.

Very high percentage of RCC with us requires a different approach to health systems in countries that have low incidence of this disorder (some countries over the cost / benefit analysis concluded that they are bound up scans more expensive than sporadic operative treatment, and limited the application of US hip examination only those babies that are suspected to RPK).

Putting economic parameters in the background, with us it tends to all babies undergo systematic TO examinations, ensuring the timely start of treatment and maximize the chances of successful treatment.