Hemangioma In Kids Part 2

07/04/2016 14:24
We try to make the treatment of hemangioma aggressiveness reduce it to a minimum - that the less we use the knife, except when it is absolutely necessary (mostly cosmetic correction of deformities or in the case of life-threatening when not to wait two or three weeks to hemangioma pass by itself, but you need to act immediately). 
At the institute, the hemangioma lens methods used around the world - monitoring, without taking drastic measures, or corticosteroids: injection I hemangioma or giving oral (by mouth) or intravenously ... For some patients, we applied and corticosteroid therapy in the form of fat . It all depends on the location and size of the hemangioma. In the case of corticosteroids does not act, the interferon is administered, a drug used as a second line therapy in the treatment of hemangioma.
If a parent claims that the child has certain disorders, can not fit in the team, there are problems with learning and behavior in school, we decide that such a hemangioma better operate. Each child approached in a special way and in the case to assess the child to suffer because of the presence of hemangiomas, decide to operate.
Do hemangioma, when you withdraw, leaving behind a scar ...
Very often, if the hemangioma is very large or the stalk, change left on the skin, and it is very embarrassing if it is on the face or in a forward part of the body. Skin changes in this case means that the skin remains paler, softer compared to healthy skin to hang and that the site on which the hemangioma stretched and much less quality compared to healthy. Very often it requires surgical intervention, that is aesthetic surgery. Once on the site wounds remains a scar that can be removed. However, patients are often in puberty age, but generally no problem.