How Babies See The World Around Them?

05/12/2015 10:11
Vision of  newborn child is about 20 to 30 times worse than in adults. Babies can not see many colors, especially shades of blue and not purple.
Newborn see objects that are about half a meter away from their eyes, which is the distance that most mothers holding their baby while she breastfeeds or cuddled.
Also, a baby is born with peripheral vision, and only with time acquires the ability to focus on one point in the center of your field of vision.
By the time the baby reaches one week, will be able to recognize the face of parents and distinguishes it from other persons. During this period the baby obilčno observe moving objects.
With a month, your baby may be short-term focus on an object that is up to 90 centimeters away, as well as to clearly identify the details, movement and color.
The third month is crucial for the development of vision, because the baby then focus the lens in the eyes and are therefore develops the ability to see objects at different distances from the eye. During this period, developing convergence, the ability of both eyes to view the same object at the same time.
At six months, your baby develops coordination, the ability to both eyes coordinated follow a moving object.
After the first six months of life, development is slowed down and toddler level of vision adults reached between three and five years of age.