How To Choose A Suitable Summer Clothes For Children?

09/03/2016 10:26
During summer days, it is very important to your child's clothing is comfortable and beautiful, but it is more important to be transparent and to protect it from strong sunlight. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice ...
When the thermometer starts to rise, increasing the risk of overheating due to the sun. It should be noted that it is enough that the skin of your child burn only once during early childhood, but it is many times increase the risk of melanoma in adulthood.
Therefore, no matter what you choose clothes for the child, keep it away from the sun between 10:16 hours. We know this is easier said than put into practice, so it is wise to follow certain rules (better safe than sorry!).
The dome is mandatory!
When choosing a summer hat for your baby, choose one which will not only protect your face, but also the ears and neck. The ears are the most prominent part of the head, and therefore often turn red if they do not cover. We recommend that you choose a hat with a wide brim, which is connected beneath the chin.
In the market there are several types of these covers, and you choose the one that best fits your child. With the cap, be sure to purchase and children's sunglasses. Besides being a beautiful fashion accessory, it will protect your eyes from the sun mezimčeta.
Choose cotton
The main criterion for selection of summer clothes for the child is that it is made of 100% light and airy cotton fabric. Cotton "breathes" and allows air to circulate under the garment so that the sweat (that, and the baby's sweat!) Will not stick to her skin and, therefore, there will be no characteristic rash called "sweat".
It is true that clothes darker colors better blocking effect of UV rays than lighter, but because dark colors absorb heat, which stimulates the body to overheat, the smart play is to opt for bright, pastel colors.
In addition to the obligatory soft sandals, hats and sunglasses, and get the appropriate swimsuit to your favorite station. Regardless of whether you opt for a one-piece or two-piece, it is essential that it is made of stretchy, Quick-drying. However, while your child is staying in the sun, of course, the time of day when the sun is not strong, make sure you slip and light Majičica.