How To Distinguish Yourself On LInkedln

20/11/2015 11:08
LinkedIn, global network, is constantly growing and playing an increasingly important role in the world of business and careers. An increasing number of people in the world and in our use Linkedin to increase your visibility and chances of employment, career advancement, personal promotion, research and find information about people and businesses, etc..
Linkedin in October of this year launched a new generation profile that will in the next few months to get all users.
The main characteristics of the new LinkedIn Profile:
visual design reminiscent of infographics and helps you to make a strong first impression,
simplified profile editing (inline editing) and display their achievements and accomplishments,
Editing Linkedin profile
easier to find people in your professional network, and facilitate monitoring of the activities and news in the business life of your connection (recent activity at the top profile).
An example of the new LinkedIn profile you can see here. Click Request Invitation on the same page if you want to get a new LinkedIn profile as soon as possible. I did that a few days ago I got a new LinkedIn profile.
LinkedIn profile allows you to tell your professional story and stand out among professionals in their field. Keep your profile and status, be active and expand the network of contacts to the new year achieve even greater business success, change jobs or find a dream job.
Leave a positive impression with professional photography
Figure LinkedIn profile has always been important, but now plays an even greater role. Image announced a new LinkedIn profile is higher. Appears not only on your profile, but also the profiles of other users.
When selecting photos for the Linkedin profile of think to look at the job interview, meeting with potential clients or investors. Choose a high-quality and clear picture of yourself in a professional light and inspires confidence in your professional skills and abilities.
Update Title (Headline) and summary (Summary)
Title (Headline) and summary (Summary) are next to the photographs the most prominent parts Linkedin profile. These two sections summarize your achievements so far and what you are capable to achieve.
Your Headline is the practical answer to the question: How do I want to find me on LinkedIn? What is it what I'm best / best? Headline can, but need not be your title at the current workplace. This is an advantage to be exploited.
Summary of the part reserved for your latest achievements, the most important results and business goals. Therefore they need to update it at least once a year. What you have achieved in the past year? What do you want, and you can achieve? What are your future goals?
Use adequate words in profile
If you want to find you on LinkedIn you need to have adequate and relevant keywords at different places in the profile: title, summary, titles and descriptions of work experience, skills and recommendations. Key words in the title (Headline) and titles (Job Titles) improve the ranking in the LinkedIn search. Explore and use in different places in the profile of synonyms for the terms because different people may use different words for the same thing (for example, teacher, instructor, trainer).