How To Teach Your Child Healthy Sleep Habits?

13/11/2015 15:04
Parents often worry that if their children enough sleep and how many were enough? There is a general guide, how much your baby should be a day to sleep. Of course every child is different, some need a little more and a little less sleep.
The child would be from 6 months to be slowly getting used to the daily ritual of sleep. This strategy should include:
Nightly ritual
Your child should be every night at about the same time to go to sleep. Every evening practice the same rituals, even when you are not at home. Kids love when their habits do not change, or more precisely like it when they can predict when and what will happen.
Daily Schedule
Try to make a plan for the day when the child is sleeping, eating, playing, swimming and going to sleep. When you follow some rules daily, the child will eventually learn what you do, they'll know when it's time to sleep, and will not be nervous, crying ...
Teach a child to sleep alone
Try to gradually teach your child to sleep only. It will not only be beneficial for you, because you will not have the evening to the exhaustion you bounce, carry, sing to him, but also for children. In this case, a little boy, and if you wake up during the night, will not cry asking you, but will be able to calm myself.