Important Steps For Conversion Optimization

27/12/2015 09:50
If it brings a visit to the site, then conversion optimization is a support site performance and increase sales and defined goal, and it's clear that the CRO (Conversion optimization hereinafter CRO) required for each Web site that has a conversion.
Step 1. Testing conditions
To CRO well done embarking on an examination of their respective habits and visitors to the site, where they move, what they search, what are the sites with the highest percentage of output. Here are most of the attention paid to funnel sales (sales funnel), to get the accurate information you need to have set goals in analytics (Goals). Each site has a different type of conversion on the site, at someone is a phone call, subscription to the newsletter (bulletin), buy, download (books, software, etc.).
The most important thing is to set up healthy strategies to optimize conversion.
After setting goals, we look at the most important parameters in analysis.
Compare your site with the competition. Not only will you have an insight into what elements are missing your site, but each of these elements canopy A / B split test can check how much are important for visitors to your site. Compare prices, offer and how your competitors are communicating with a common target public. Setting up a successful sales funnel is the basis of CRO, and shall be established through a combination of analysis and testing of landing pages.
Step 2. The creative process
In order to achieve the conversion, the user when deciding to purchase online passes from the research phase to the phase of purchase. To become a customer user has to decide who will give their trust to a decision with which the website will do the buying may depend on many factors. Here we come to the landing pages (landing pages) and the importance of their optimization. Extremely recommended to increase the conversion is that any change in working through A / B split test, because that way you can at any moment to know that the test lading party had never worked satisfactorily.
Details can sometimes be extremely important in the conversion to opitmizaciji, see below infographic that explains the most important elements in optimizing landing pages