Newborn: Successful Methods To Immediately Stop Crying!

01/11/2015 20:06

1. Crying Because Of Hunger
Each baby sounds for different types of crying which tells surrounding what was troubling her. Crying because of hunger can be recognized by the continuous "va-va" sound, which is often accompanied by cough. Sometimes even a baby stop crying that she could freely to cough.

2.Ignore the looking at the watch

A baby who is on diet every three hours can show the desire to eat, but after an hour or two. Do not ignore her crying, believing that was not really hungry, and that the "fake", but feed the crying will stop. At this age, the baby's basic need is food, which is why feed every time you requested.

3.Examine other possible causes

Is your baby too warm or it might be cold? Is it something matter of clothing or a blanket? Something is squeezing or scratching? Baby bothered when a hair (usually your) wrapped around her fingers on the arm or leg. Although it is rare, the baby is very uncomfortable.

4. Use your hands

If the baby cries inconsolably late afternoon or evening, and thereby attracts legs toward the chest, then it is most likely the cramps. Try gently massaging her tummy moves towards kazljke clock. Also, rub her feet and hands in a straight line, and the palms and soles with tiny, circular movements.

5. Try a new technique burping

The gases in the intestine always cause nervousness and crying, so the baby after eating, place the belly. Besides this, there is a yoga position called "tiger on a tree," which is extremely effective for expelling bubbles from the stomach: lay the baby along the inside of the forearm, so that her head lying in the recess of your elbows, feet and let her free to hang from both (see diagram).

6. Find the osteopaths
If none of the offered method has produced results, and the baby is still crying and nervous, try the treatment of cranial osteopathy. The pressure that the baby suffered during passage through the birth canal may later cause some disruption, due to which the baby feel anxious. A gentle massage of the skull, carried out by a qualified osteopath, removes this obstacle and helps the baby to relax and sleep better.