Only For Moms Who Have Sons - What is Cryptorchidism?

09/01/2016 08:58
When the male newborn  testicles are located in the scrotal pouches (scrotum). If the testicle has not lowered, but dropped back along its path or is "stuck" somewhere in the abdominal cavity, this phenomenon is called cryptorchidism.
On lowering the testicles affect both hormonal and mechanical factors. Testis develops in the eighth week of pregnancy. Testosterone, produced by special cells (Leydig), acting on the development of male sexual organs from embryonic structures that form and female sex organs.
Difference arises acting testosterone, are formed when the male sex organs: the outlet duct testicular and prostate (epididymis), vas deferens, seeds bubbles and vas deferens. From 32 to 36 weeks of pregnancy testicle which is attached to the internal inguinal ring special ligament begins to "go down" in the scrotum, and at the same time it takes to mention ligament.
If you are on this journey happen some unforeseen "trouble", the testicle will remain in the inguinal canal, and 15% of boys backlog in the abdominal cavity or elsewhere (ectopic testis). In this case, it is necessary to do additional tests (ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, scintigraphy).