Physiological Erythema In Newborn

08/05/2016 17:38
It manifests itself first days after birth the appearance of diffuse redness, of varying intensity. The redness is a result of expansion of capillaries of the skin and a greater inflow of blood to the skin.
It is a physiological phenomenon and occurs in response to stimuli external environment, such as exposure to outside air temperature, the effect of water when bathing and mechanical stimuli when drying the skin after bathing.
Therefore, after bathing the baby should be gently wipe soft and gentle towel.
This skin erythema spontaneously disappears within 24 to 48 hours after birth, but may take longer. The skin may be streaked with red stripes due to the partial inflow of blood to certain parts of the capillary system.
This phenomenon is called the "colorful" or marbled skin, which is especially pronounced in the hands, feet, forearms and lower legs. In these infants, when paid, we can see the bluish hue of the skin on the ear lobes and lips.