Sleepless Night: How To Deal With Chronic Fatigue

05/02/2016 08:45
Every morning you feel like you got run over by a speeding train? The baby woke again at every half an hour and fell asleep just before dawn? Welcome to the club nenaspavanih and chronically tired mothers! That's what you probably have not thought of as a problem that can cause health problems, but you should know that sleep deprivation negatively affects the physical, but also on the mental health of every person. During sleep in the bloodstream is excreted valuable hormones that positively affect the mental state, but if the mother does not sleep enough, it will have a negative impact on her mood and discernment.
Adult human need is 7:00 to 8:00 hours of sleep to his body and mind rest and regenerate. However, regeneration of brain cells occurs most intensely in the first four hours of sleep.
Here's why: every night while we sleep we go through stages of light and deep sleep. However, only the phase of deep sleep important for the revitalization of the brain, while the other organs and muscles at rest and during the phase of light sleep. Therefore, if you assemble four hours of continuous (and smooth) sleep, your brain will not suffer any consequences.
But how do you do when the infant feeds every three hours, if not more often?
Adopt a new scheme!
Newborn sleeping on average 16-19 hours a day. Unfortunately, what it does "on rate" and not "in play". The baby's stomach at that age is so small that it barely fit 50 ml of milk, the amount of which will satisfy her hunger two to three hours. After that will be emptied, but the baby will cry to require her to recharge - until the age of about three months, when she needs three times more milk.
Until then, do not expect your baby to sleep more than six hours "in one piece". So, ahead you sleepless nights and "aging" of the brain ... But does it have to be? May not.
First of all, you must understand that this is just a phase in your life that will pass (although you do not do so). And every night when you get up in the dead of to feed the baby, remember that you are one of millions mom around the world who do the same. Therefore - do not despair, but something about it to help yourself.