The Proper Baby Massage

02/11/2015 20:13

Body Massage is a great way to get your baby down to her speed up blood circulation (and thus the process of metabolism) and to spend beautiful moments together. Your touch a positive effect on the baby's mood and to its overall physical and mental development. To achieve maximum effect, massage the baby at least twice a week. As you act more often, you will not hurt her. On the contrary, you will make more happier and more satisfied!

1. Head: Gently massage the baby's forehead, cheeks and back of the neck. Do this in a circular motion dropping slightly to her shoulders. If nods during the facial massage, gently kiss and go to another part of the body (some babies just can not stand to be touched face).

2. shoulder and chest: Shoulder massage your front and back, using the thumb and forefinger. To massage your baby's shoulder blades in the area, you will have one arm that is clear of the surface on which it is located, and another that is massaged. Perhaps it sounds complicated, but trust me, you will quickly master this technique.

3. belly: Start from areas below the ribs, then gently massage your tummy in a circular motion in the direction of clockwise. Genital region NOT massaged.

4. back: Carefully turn the baby and set her to lie on her stomach. If it is not capable of holding its own head, place a pillow under her head. Start with massage cervical spine, then slowly, straight line, massage the muscles along the spine. Do not direct pressure on the vertebrae, but hold the "path" to the left and right side of the spine.