Tremor In Babies

25/11/2015 13:38
In the first days and weeks of life in the newborn and in infants can apply various transient phenomena. Usually, it is a physiological tremor, which is characterized by the rhythmic movements of the extremities in the form of synchronous, symmetrical twitches, which totally cease when a child caught in the arms or legs. 
They can occur in the dream or in the waking state. In such situations, the consciousness of a child is completely intact, the child follows the sea, react to sound and behave normally. The above phenomenon is usually due to inadequate maturation (ripening) the structure of the central nervous system, can sometimes be due to asphyxia or suffering brain due to lack of oxygen during birth. These symptoms would gradually, over time, should go. They tend to be gentler and more discreet, so that at one time completely stop.
If these phenomena continue, or deepen, it is necessary that the child looked at child neurologist for further details and clarification of the possible causes.