Watch Carefully: Your Child Starts To Give You Smiles

03/12/2015 09:59
Look carefully at your child after the second month. It will make a brief and shy smiles when he feels satisfied. These smiles are likely to become more frequent and bolder with time. Your heart melt when you see that smile. As your baby becomes more aware, easily happens that "overdoses life."
Crying in the late afternoon and evening is one of the ways in which the baby will respond to the pressure and demands of learning about her new world. Wrap it, rock it and play with it. If it does not work, put it somewhere and let her cry and so lessen the stress.
San will be in this age of change in subtle ways. Although too young to sleep last night, baby's dream is increasingly oriented towards the night and day vigilance. Treat me gently and quietly to her during the night, in order to learn the difference between night and day. Keep playing for the day.
The time has come to your little son doing push-ups. A baby learns to raise his head when placed on her body and strengthens the arms and shoulders. It is important that each day spend some time in this position. It will reduce flattening of the head resulting from too much sleep on his back, and give the baby a chance to learn about the world from a new point of view. Compared with a new pose, looking at the ceiling is less interesting. And if you lie down on the floor in front of it, it is even more interesting.
No, it's not a pigeon in the house! It is the cooing sound of your small a pet for the first time trying to talk. Respond to and imitating sounds. It will surprise and delight you. They will soon learn how to suit the real conversation will be able to start.
Babies at this age like to be tightly bent with hands near the face. The pressure on their bellies and slightly rocking will help them to calm down when upset.
"Kangaroo carriers" are a great invention for babies of this age. Babies need support for your head, they love the proximity of moms and dads and like to be involved in the life around him. Studies have shown that this type of bending while still reduce the crying is normal at this age.