Website Speed Is Very Important For SEO

20/03/2016 18:21
Download speed web page loading speed of websites is one of the most important factors for SEO lately and it would be good for the loading speed is brought to maximum possible loading speed because that will depend significantly your position on search engines.
Lately Page Speed ​​is a factor that is very important in all search engines with this ranking and that this factor is taken into account.
Speed ​​loading a web page - Test
Testing the loading speed can make through Google services from Google.
Did you test the speed of loading pages in the browser and it is clear that it is now in front of you and work to further strengthen this segment of your site.
What is your reading speed website?
Measure you eg. 45/100 "speed loading of websites" and it is very bad and you should all those elements that you see after testing speed now to fix things and lead to a better relationship inputs.
Check now the loading speed of the page.
Of course there are still a couple of elements to correct or should not be exaggerated, because if you make everything perfect it could happen and surprise and an unpleasant event called Over optimization and we'll get in one of our posts more.