Why The Child Refuses To Go To School

25/02/2016 06:54
Period hesitation and attempts to avoid school work is probably the most experienced parents. But sometimes this reluctance turned into law an anxious reaction, while going to school becomes a torment for the parents and for the child.
Sometimes these reactions occur because the child has a fear of separation. Source of embarrassment can be a school environment.
For shy children who face difficulties in finding a place in a group of peers, lack of social skills and self-confidence can result in fear of involvement in the group. Difficulties in learning can further discourage child who feels incompetent and ineffective. Poor communication with demanding teachers may also be a reason to avoid school.
Champions need a sense of security and sometimes helps if parents agree with the teacher to visit the child during the break. Sometimes it will be necessary and the help of professionals - school counselor or psychologist.
Period of fear of going to school looking like a condition that is extremely slow, but almost all children eventually "outgrow" irrational fears and successfully complete the process of maturation and education.