A Couple More Things That Say I Love You

13/08/2015 17:38

An important tone

Let's be honest: We all need praise, and we get them a little. Let's start, then, with the children to repair the world and commend them: for sweet smile, because he slept the entire four hours, because it was quiet during dressing changes. Even if your baby is (probably) do not yet understand the meaning of the word - is an important tone of your voice.

Give time

Probably, while rushing to finish some work, you do not have time to release the child to study where this water ant paths in the park. But when you go shopping or to the park, take a break, stop. Children need time to get to know the world. Parents who love them, to pay homage to them this time.

Rituals give security

Cups in the shape of a tiger for breakfast, "exercise" when changing diapers, lullaby for the evening: Rituals give children a sense of security and protection.

Along the bath!

All life came from water. That is when most kids favorite place to play. They also have the pleasure if dad or mom with him lie down in the tub. Heat, water, skin contact - and what more needs little soul!

We celebrate celebration!

Even if the crop up only one or only two candles: Birthdays must be celebrated. Because when all together sing "Happy Birthday, dear baby," then the baby knows that the center of the world - if only for that moment.