The skin of a newborn has certain characteristics:
The entire skin is thinner, and especially its most superficial part - the epidermis;
Sweat glands exist, or immediately after birth are not active. Newborn can not establish thermoregulation by sweating it therefore not be pretopljavati clothing and blankets;
The sebaceous glands are developed, especially on the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin;
Scent glands are not developed;
Newborn skin contains more water and minerals;
Because of the thin surface layer of newborn skin has poor mechanical protection against bacterial infections. Therefore, should pay great attention to hygiene especially around natural openings - the anus and the external opening of the urethra - and flexible surfaces in axillary regions, in the groin, the neck and between the posterior (interglutealno);
Weaker defense against microbial infections of the skin and contributes to lower the pH of the skin due to poor function of the sebaceous glands.
It manifests itself first days after birth the appearance of diffuse redness, of varying intensity. The redness is a result of expansion of capillaries of the skin and a greater inflow of blood to the skin.
It is a physiological phenomenon and occurs in response to stimuli external environment, such as exposure to outside air temperature, the effect of water when bathing and mechanical stimuli when drying the skin after bathing.
Therefore, after bathing the baby should be gently wipe soft and gentle towel.
This skin erythema spontaneously disappears within 24 to 48 hours after birth, but may take longer. The skin may be streaked with red stripes due to the partial inflow of blood to certain parts of the capillary system.
This phenomenon is called the "colorful" or marbled skin, which is especially pronounced in the hands, feet, forearms and lower legs. In these infants, when paid, we can see the bluish hue of the skin on the ear lobes and lips.
Newborn skin is covered with a pale yellowish fatty deposits that consist of secretions of the sebaceous glands, deskvamiranih briefest cell layer of the skin and decomposed lanugo.
These deposits in the conditions of life in the uterus are the protection of the skin from the effects of amniotic fluid. These deposits will be removed and will disappear completely after two to three baths.
In a small number of infants deposits remain for several days, especially in the armpits, groin, skin, neck and back. They do not need to be removed aggressive media.
Newborns with that vernix caseosa persist a little longer, the infant period, but also in adulthood, tend to form so-called. seborrheic dermatitis, skin disease that results from the increased sebaceous gland.
"We respect privacy. The information presented from the client is going to be protected. We refute dissemination practices as much as you do." Does this statement not tintinnabulation from the ears. Well, we have now come across these paraplegic oaths quite a few instances. Are they real to their word? May be ... could be not. Some internet sites are identified to trade their customers' specifics for financial rewards. The query remains: Can we trust them?
System Upgradation
The moment a program is developed, the accountability of ad hoc upgradation at intervals follows suit. If this isn't going to happen, the internet site turnover will be bad. To enhance site performance and tow in a superior share of on line prospects, trying to keep up together with the developments is pivotal. Though, some sites may well obtain executing this an pointless characteristic.
Momentary Intangibility
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E-business does have its set of positives and negatives. Nevertheless, ultimately, every single enterprise -- be it partially or fully -- must alter its modus operandi, and adopt e-business practices so as to make sure survival and good results.
Three to four months
The baby begins to reach for objects but still is unable to reach them because they can not coordinate the movements of the hand. Take your time, in this age intensively coordinating eye movements with hand movements, so it will soon scream of happiness when caught toy. Help her playing with her: offering her rattle vibrant colors and check the catch. You will notice that the baby begins to grabbing by all means in hand, and often "suffer" Mom's hair, glasses or earrings. All of this means that co-ordination between the brain, eye and hand movements progresses.
five months
By now she was trying to reach only large objects, but is now starting to notice those finer. In addition, identified items that you saw earlier (looking forward to when he saw a favorite toy!). This is a sign that the brain is "fanned" in development which is reflected in the improvement of the baby's vision. She now knows that objects exist when out of sight. Therefore, babies of this age love game "Where's the baby?": Mom put her towel over his face, the baby prone and was processed as again see my mom.
Six to seven months
The baby's vision is developed to the point that it now clearly see people and objects in their environment, but not to a great distance. Given that her world comes down to what is happening in its immediate vicinity, that her skill is not required. It will gradually develop, and at the age around the first birthday, your child will be able to recognize when dad comes home from work, even from a distance of several dozen meters.

Baby's Developing Vision

27/04/2016 16:38
In contrast to the sense of hearing, which is in the baby fully formed until the age of one month, vision develops gradually and slowly. Your child will be able to see just as well as an adult until the age of seven months.
The newborn is born formed the sense of sight, but his brain is not sufficiently "mature" to analyze the image or to send messages to eye about what they see. As the brain develops, so improving the baby's eyesight. First things first ...
The first two weeks
A baby can only see what's right in front of her, inches from her. So, can register his features mother when she is holding in her arms when her face closer. Make out light, shapes and movement, but her picture is still hazy and unclear.
A month
At this age, babies can not yet coordinated to use both eyes, but it often happens that every eye "keep its policy". Most parents are afraid thinking that their child is cross-eyed, but this is quite normal. By the end of the first month or the middle of the next baby's eyes will fail to "agree" with the brain and it will be able to focus the view of an object with both eyes.
two months
Bebe color blind from birth, but only contrast (black and white, yellow and blue!). Over time, the "cooperation" the eyes and the brain improves, so will the baby be able to distinguish even the colors of similar tones (such as orange and red). In this age it is advisable to practice: show your baby toys and brightly colored pictures, talk to her and singing, it helps develop the sense of sight and sense of hearing.

Useful SEO Tools

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Playground or small park are the best party place for every child, but it is also a place where children feel about injuries. No matter how careful your child will get the situation had to survive a fall, or a random shot of peers, but we must do everything to avoid serious injury.
1. Do not let the child out of sight
No matter how much work it was all safe, before you know it, the child finds himself in a situation to the you did not expect, even on the flat and empty space. Most injuries of children in playgrounds happen due to carelessness.
2.Adequate Wardrobe For Playground
Luggage game should be as simple as possible. Watch the child has no necklaces, scarves, handbags, suspenders or anything else that can be attached, stuck and cause injury. Helmet bicycle or inline skating is also not recommended to climbers.
Footwear for the game should be comfortable, simple and adapted to the weather and the conditions on the field. If you know that a child will go in the sand, see that no shoes in the sand that you can enter. Do not release the child to the gym in slippers or shoes which is slippery and unsafe.
3. Dial the court in accordance with the child's age
Great gym, swings and other equipment for children in the park, eating is not suitable for every age. Make sure that your child is having fun at those that correspond to its size and motor abilities. On most courses are separate areas for children under five years. Injuries from falls are less if it falls with less height.
4. Learn the child to properly use the equipment in the playground
Most of the swing is intended for a child, which sits while rocking. Standing and other positions on swings are not safe, as no more children on a swing. With swings are down when they stop. The child should be kept at a safe distance while the other children swinging, so it would not accidentally hit.
Slides are provided for lowering the sitting position. Make sure that the child does not fall head first, not to go with lowering whereas previously the child is not completed, to get away from the slides as soon as they drop to the next child would not hurt ...
Creepers are different, but all should teach a child to hold fast and to climb slowly, step by step.
The equipment in the playground should be used only if it is dry. The wet jungle gym and slides may cause the child to slip and suffer serious falls and injuries.
5. Make sure to little more children
Although a little higher, they are still small children, you can not count that will always be sensitive to even small children. When they set fire to play, run, jump and climb up, is not likely to pay attention to José minor child, who get in their way. Your child will of course be interesting to everything bigger children work, so plan ahead and save, which will distract your children in such a situation to the.
6. Review the playground
Before you leave a child on a playground, make sure you meet hygiene and safety standards. Before you allow your child to climb, make the jungle gym or swing is not broken down, some part of dumped or broken.
Young children are curious and love to all you touch it. Make sure the field does things you do not want to see the children's hands, debris, broken glass ...
Try to always have with you hand sanitizer, wet wipes, gel, or liquid. Regardless of the age of the child, there is little chance that his hands stay clean.

Hemangioma In Kids Part 2

07/04/2016 14:24
We try to make the treatment of hemangioma aggressiveness reduce it to a minimum - that the less we use the knife, except when it is absolutely necessary (mostly cosmetic correction of deformities or in the case of life-threatening when not to wait two or three weeks to hemangioma pass by itself, but you need to act immediately). 
At the institute, the hemangioma lens methods used around the world - monitoring, without taking drastic measures, or corticosteroids: injection I hemangioma or giving oral (by mouth) or intravenously ... For some patients, we applied and corticosteroid therapy in the form of fat . It all depends on the location and size of the hemangioma. In the case of corticosteroids does not act, the interferon is administered, a drug used as a second line therapy in the treatment of hemangioma.
If a parent claims that the child has certain disorders, can not fit in the team, there are problems with learning and behavior in school, we decide that such a hemangioma better operate. Each child approached in a special way and in the case to assess the child to suffer because of the presence of hemangiomas, decide to operate.
Do hemangioma, when you withdraw, leaving behind a scar ...
Very often, if the hemangioma is very large or the stalk, change left on the skin, and it is very embarrassing if it is on the face or in a forward part of the body. Skin changes in this case means that the skin remains paler, softer compared to healthy skin to hang and that the site on which the hemangioma stretched and much less quality compared to healthy. Very often it requires surgical intervention, that is aesthetic surgery. Once on the site wounds remains a scar that can be removed. However, patients are often in puberty age, but generally no problem.

Hemangioma In Kids

06/04/2016 14:07
Hemangioma is a benign changes that can be described as a change in the blood vessels of newborns. The most common are the so-called strawberry hemangiomas that are, on average, been encountered in every tenth child. This change occurs by itself, develops a certain time and then disappears by itself. Hemangiomas are not picked up during the first year of life as is the case with red spots on the back of the head, forehead, his nose and eyelids, frequent in children and babies at birth. It is important that parents know that hemangiomas in 90% of cases go away on their own. However, there are those who need to be treated as threatening vital body functions (eg, breathing, feeding, visual), since they are found in the mouth, throat or on the eyelids. I am the cause of their occurrence is not known, but the mechanism of their development is. They occur when blood vessels, and after stages of pregnancy when formed, continue to grow.
The basic misconceptions about the change
Parents of children with hemangioma are prone to make mistakes, and declare themselves responsible for the changes that occurred in their babies. In many cases, when they are convinced that the hemangioma was created as a result of injury during pregnancy or during the birth (eg. That the midwife or doctor pinched the baby). It is important that parents know that it is not the most difficult childbirth can be the reason of its creation. Superstitious people believe that the occurrence of hemangiomas "wrong" mother. Apparently, the mother during pregnancy wanted a piece of fruit, strawberries, cherries, raspberries and at that moment he touched his stomach. This superstition was widespread because historically hemangioma called "young mother" (Nevus maternus). Beliefs like this exist all over the world and that's why it is very important that parents realize they have nothing to do with the emergence of these kinds of changes?
Time of occurrence, development and cure hemangioma
Classical hemangiomas occur in the second or third week of life of the newborn. At first he was in the form of red spots or faded stains which then begins to increase, swells and becomes redder, especially in the case of superficial hemangiomas. During the first year they are increased, and after this period of growth stops and starts the withdrawal phase. In percentages, 30% of hemangiomas goes to third, 50% up and down, and 70% by the age of seven. For some children, the process is faster, and in some slower.
Hemangiomas that occur at birth, but who are still rare, are retreating faster than those that appear later.
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