A Nagging Cough In Children

23/12/2015 08:40
Coughing is actually a reflex! Each reflex begins irritation and respiratory irritation is the driving reflex cough. It is followed by a deep breath, and powerful exhalation followed by narrowing of the trachea and larynx, which can be heard as a cough. Exhalation is incredibly powerful, so that droplets expelled from the respiratory flying at a speed of over 150 km / h!
By far the most common triggers of cough reflex are infections and allergies. Far more rarely happens that a foreign body is causing coughing. It is a dramatic situation accompanied by other problems, which, fortunately, does not happen often.
What kind of cough there?
Dry and moist. Dry (stimulatory) occurs as a result of direct damage to the upper respiratory tract. Cause it almost all the respiratory viruses that "wound" mucosa
respiratory tract, and the child has frequent bouts of coughing. One of the most common causes irritant cough is a confluence of secretions from the nose, throat and windpipe. There is a secretion "stick", and the child is coughing attacks. Often, refunds due to this irritating straining. What child more cough, the more damage the already wounded mucous membranes of the airways and so forth until the body does not overcome the virus - the most common cause of this type of cough.
Dry cough is rarely companion some serious respiratory diseases in children, and it is accompanied by a high temperature and harsh ("playing") and accelerated
breathing - almost certainly be a harmless virus diseases!
Why children are more likely to cough at night?
During the day, while the child is active, part secretions ejected through the nose or swallowed. At night, when you sleep, secretion nowhere to go, so the basin to the trachea and provoke coughing. Wet cough rarely occurs in children. It occurs when the bronchi are filled, but the cough
secretion "pumped" (so called a productive cough). Usually it is a bronchitis, rarely of pneumonia.
How to cure a cough?
There is a simple medical rule: Do not treat the cough, but his cause!
Therefore it is very important to diagnose illness accompanied by cough. Cure the underlying disease and cough will pass.