Babies And Early Behaviour Issues

14/04/2015 11:55

Table manners

* What to expect: With three years the child should only eat using a fork or a spoon or. During the meal should sit at the table, and that 15 to 20 minutes and after eating just wash and wash your hands.

* What to do: For the full year should encourage your child to eat only. Eating his serve on a plate that can not be broken. The game you are a child food and throws it on the floor, criticize his behavior.

Thank you and please

* What to expect: At 18 months she would already be clear to pronounce the words, but whatever you pronounce them correctly, you should know that it is important the child's intent.

* What to do: If your child has not yet acquired the habit of giving thanks and said the word "please", ask him: "What do we say when someone something gifts?" Expect: "Thank you."


* What to expect: In the age of two the child during socializing with other children learn to share, and taking the skin. But that does not mean that every time share something without opposition.

* What to do: Encourage him, encourage him to share a toy with a peer, and this at a time when it than he expected.


* What to expect: Although a child of 18 months can understand the feelings of others, does not always know why he was expected certain behavior. With two and a half or three years, it will understand the situation, but then it may be much more difficult to achieve the desired effect. At that age a child can already post their principles and be on my own.