Check Your Baby's Hearing

20/07/2015 10:58

If you are concerned that your baby hears well, there are several ways to check how it develops its sense of hearing.

* From birth until the third month of a baby will not stop waving his hands when he hears a noise; will start crying when someone raises voice; will stop all activity when her govorte.

* From the third to the sixth month will begin to pay attention to sounds that made her interesting.

* From sixth to 12th month the baby will turn his head towards the sound source; will start to mimic sounds they hear very often and you would say at least one word.

* One in 1,000 babies are born with damage to one or both ears. However, most of the problems with speech, language or learning consequences are impaired.

Also, children's hearing could be damaged and later in life, after a number of ear infections, meningitis hav-, another chronic illness or if in the family there are cases impaired.

And if you suspect that your baby has a hearing problem, consult your pediatrician, otolaryngologist or speech therapist. Also, hearing children should be checked during childhood.