Chewing helps when teething

05/04/2015 11:35

Is it true? Yup. Young children show clearly what pleases their forks: kontrapritisak. She biting the thumb, the whole arm or medin nose. Parents can then offer the child a hard crust of bread, peeled carrots and kohlrabi - of course carefully controlling the child not to cut your piece of that and choked.

You can give your baby to suck and wet a clean terry cloth which was previously little standing in the refrigerator. It is recommended to give the child and cold "mouthpiece" (not from the icebox). When purchasing, make sure that the label says "no fabric softener." As soon as the "rubber" changes color or soften, discard it.

8 first teeth are waving

Is it true? It depends from which angle watching. The earlier teeth erupt, the greater the chance for tooth decay, teeth simply because longer stand in the mouth, and just at the beginning can not be properly cleaned. A caries in primary teeth affected later and the permanent teeth.

Some scientists believe the flaw early obtaining teeth fact that many mothers stop breastfeeding before their child for fear of what they bite boob. A child is healthy to breastfeed as long as possible.

After all: One child in 2,000 to 3,000 births in the world comes from the teeth. Most often this "vicious teeth" were immediately removed, because he has absolutely no root, so that the child can swallow.