Choosing A School Bag

24/02/2016 06:52
When buying school bags, opt for one that has a padded handle and which is solid. The bag should not kid reach to the door, nor to be too low.
The bag of appropriate size is the one that reaches from the lower back to about the height of the blades, and the width does not go on either side of more than 10 cm. It must be lightweight, anatomically shaped and made of impervious material rain that would not destroy books.
Since the school bag for champions often too heavy, parents increasingly rely on bags with wheels. Orthopedic surgeons consider that such a bag a good solution.
The key is to choose a bag that corresponds to the height and weight of the child. The child must learn to bag worn on both shoulders, and that is not "hang" only one shoulder strap. It is very important to the burden evenly on the back.
 If there is, it does not hurt the child around the waist to commit additional third belt and teach it to him, this practice went into the habit.
All belts on bags must be properly tightened to bag hangs and falls in the upper part, but not too tightly clamped.