Do you know how much I love you

12/08/2015 17:38

I could eat it, I bit off his nose ... say parents love their baby would be happy to cuddle days. And like all love, they wonder: - I love you, do you love me?

The answer is not very easy to get, because the child still does not speak, but not your words, it is assumed, does not understand. So here are a few ideas to his dwarf and without a word to show how much you love them.

1st Fondling

Male tenderness are the first opportunity to tell your child how much you love them. In doing so it can still squeeze a little harder. Some children are too gently caressing even embarrassed.

Here, the second bunny drink water ...

Games fingers babies reassure: "Here bunny drinking water, this saw him, this drove him, the shouts holding him, this says do not let it, this cry rustic, rustic, rustic" - everything goes follow one after another, the child knows what is following the pre-glow of joy.

The challenge for the third nerve

With six to eight months is already somewhat "rampage". Your child will now enjoy bouncing, jumping or flying, because he knows that you can rely on: Dad and Mom will not let you fall.

4th Baby Massage

Life can be so stressful! That is so nice when my mother's warm hands rubbed into my skin fragrant oil that my soul relax.