Don't Expect Anything From Your Baby

15/07/2015 16:04

Although as a parent, perhaps, of their babies expect much more, it is only a little being which is infinitely need your love, not expectations. This is what, according to the phases of development, you should not expect from a newborn.

Up to six weeks

* Do not expect to know everything just because you read a lot of books;

* If the breast-feeding be easily and naturally, you will need to practice (but worth it);

* Does the pediatrician always say the right thing or know all the answers;

* Do not expect your baby to love mobile above the crib because you liked;

* If you are relatives not to interfere where it was not wanted;

* Do you do anything, even when the baby sleeps;

* Do not expect the baby much more than eating, sleeping and pooping.

By the third month

* Do not expect a baby to sleep through the night in the 12th week of life;

* Do not expect the baby to feel safe when you're not in sight;

* Do not expect your partner to agree with all of your views on parenting.

By the sixth month

* Do not expect your child to like the idea of ​​playing with other children like you;

* If the child will not need to breastfeed or bottle at night;

* If your baby will love it the first porridge;

* If the baby will get a tooth only because it received another baby;

* If your baby will quickly break a tooth just because saliva and bites his hand.

From the sixth to dvetog months

* Do not expect your baby to crawl, some babies skip this stage;

* If the baby will love to wash her teeth erupt;

* If the child to sleep through the night (outbreak teeth, separation anxiety, leaps in growth and development, can wake a child at night);

* If the child continues to receive a lot of weight, especially if it crawled;

From nine to twelve months

* Do not expect a child to walk, some babies do not walk until 16 months;

* Do not expect the baby to sit in the pan until you have finished eating;

* Do not expect the baby that she would like all the food you offer, most of them are very picky;

* To be able to leave a baby alone for a second.