Early Teeth Are A Problem?

14/07/2015 16:04

Is it true? It depends from which angle watching. The earlier teeth erupt, the greater the chance of tooth decay because teeth are simply longer in the mouth, but just at the beginning can not be properly cleaned. A decay in primary teeth affected later on permanent teeth.

Some scientists believe the flaw early obtaining teeth fact that many mothers stop breastfeeding before their child for fear of what they bite boob. A child is healthy to breastfeed as long as possible.

After all: One child in 2,000 to 3,000 births in the world comes with teeth. Most often the "witch tooth" immediately be removed because he has absolutely no roots, so that the child can swallow.

9 Hazardous drugs are to ease the anguish in Teething

Is it true? Springing teeth naturally is just like learning to walk - this phase must pass each child. But the difficulties that surround this natural phase of development can he and mitigate:

First dab his zacrvenjelu mucosa swab of cotton wool soaked in a solution of chamomile or sage.

2. Give him something cold to chew, as the cold weather reduces blood supply and prevents inflammation.

3. Test Homeopathy: Classical Homeopathy recommended, depending on the problem, belladonna or Camomillu. I can help and mixed preparations as Osanit.

4th Dentinox. Gel soothes sore gums, can help your child easily eat a meal. Only con is that it contains some alcohol.

5. In case of emergency aid will spill paracetamol. However, be careful. It is better to teach a child to endure a little, but you get used to it for every little ailment to seek medication.