Exercising After Childbirth

25/04/2015 10:11

If you exercised regularly before becoming pregnant, we hope that this did not give up even during pregnancy or after childbirth. And if not, try to introduce into your life a little bit of style and discipline, see a physiotherapist and - exercise.

The latest data point to a statement that in the 21st century people have the most trouble with the musculoskeletal system as a result of the imposed trend of life.

A specialist you need because you exercise differently - depending on whether the birth was vaginal, with or without episiotomy (an incision of the perineum), vaginal with epidural analgesia, or if you have had a caesarean section.

Exercise is recommended every woman who has given birth, especially multiparous, since in these higher risk of voiding or lowering the genital organs after childbirth.

And due to poor posture when breastfeeding, many women have reported the occurrence of back pain. The reason may be the poor postural positions during the day.

Pregnant women who have long rested in pregnancy, should patiently choose the training programs, which will be gradually returning to form.

So, the problem is not only the physical appearance (relaxed abdominal muscles and excess weight), but the possible health problems that do not have to be demonstrated in the first weeks after birth, but may be only an indication of later problems.