Fertility: Ready for a Baby ?

07/02/2015 23:54

Fertility: Ready for a Baby

Discretion, consider the tubby baby bellies of other women or look ecstatically in strollers. And suddenly he is - the desire for our own baby! The most important thing now: A good pregnancy preparation and especially patience. Do not be put under pressure from friends, with whom it has supposedly worked immediately with pregnancy. Every couple is different, every time it takes different amounts of time to be announced next generation. Whether you need two months or a year, until then - that everything is normal. About 80 to 85 percent of couples, it comes within one year of pregnancy . So enjoy life and let everything come relaxing on themselves.

Some couples but is denied long the fulfillment of the desire for children. The causes of infertility can be very different. However, they are equally common in men as in women.

On these pages you will find not only a lot of family planning, but also about the causes of infertility or infertility and possible treatment methods.
Fertility myths under the microscope
Pregnant faster thanks to cushion under the buttocks and vitamin pills beside the bed? What is it about the advice to get the couples with baby often wish to hear? We clarify
Couple lying in bed and cuddle
Couples get some adventurous tips to help the baby wish comes true

Couples get some adventurous tips to help the baby wish comes true
Who wants a baby, should remain lying after sex

Not true. Rigid rest after the climax does not work. Women also do not have to lift their legs to push candle or pillow under your butt to push the sperm in the right direction. Exception: fertility treatment . If the woman after introduction of semen rest for 15 minutes, the pregnancy rate increases of 18 to 27 percent, as a Dutch study shows. However, the treated ejaculate is much thinner than the natural one. Also applies to any conception: to guide the sperm right is not enough. "The fertilized egg must also settle in the womb," explains Professor Dr. med. Thomas Strowitzki, Medical Director of the Department of Gynecological Endocrinology and Fertility Disorders at the University Hospital in Heidelberg.

The female orgasm facilitates fertilization

There is no evidence. Although it is assumed that "the sperm are thereby promoted more quickly into the fallopian tubes because the uterus to contract," says Dr. med. Peter Rosenbaum, senior physician at the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine at the University Hospital of Saarland. But attempts to promote fertility treatment with the hormone oxytocin contractions and thus achieve the presumed effect, were not successful.
Smoking reduces fertility

That's right. Among other things, acts of cigarettes a negative effect on the growth of ovarian follicles and thus the eggs. Furthermore, the concentration of the hormones estradiol and progesterone decreases - both important for the implantation of the egg. Women who smoke, so often have to wait much longer for a pregnancy . "For artificial inseminations they need almost twice as many cycles to get pregnant, as Non smoking inside," says Peter Rosenbaum. And who consumed cigarettes, can not get as long as children. In smokers, the menopause is one to four years earlier.
Fertile days women are particularly attractive

Yes, hormones are definitely not just blame that sometimes stretch the breasts painful or sprout pimples. They are also responsible for ensuring that women in their fertile days looks even prettier than usual reason. "The estrogen level is massively increased, among other things, for a smooth skin and good humor makes" explains Peter Rosenbaum. Moreover, women give her skin pheromones - called pheromones - from having a beguiling effect on men and let be sexually active women themselves. This increases the likelihood that couples find each other in all the right days.
A healthy diet helps to become pregnant quickly

Direct influence on the chance of becoming pregnant, has a healthy diet probably not. Even if the additional intake of vitamins and trace elements of fertility helps to change that is not fully understood. But under- and overweight - often the result of an imbalanced meal plan - can have a negative effect. So at extremely underweight women, the ovaries are no longer stimulated the menstrual cycle and thus the fall out. "It is common in patients with eating disorders before," says Thomas Strowitzki. Even if a woman has long since returned to normal weight, the rule could fail adds Peter Rosenbaum. "Contrast Obese women produce male hormones in adipose tissue," said the expert. This also often leads to lack of ovulation and period.
Daily Sex degrades the quality of sperm

As many sperm reserve until the big day? Needless, if you believe the latest results of science. Accordingly, namely is not the amount of ejaculate or the sperm count significantly. Whether woman is pregnant, but seems to depend on the mobility of the sperm. "In an Israeli study is here achieved the best results after only one day of abstinence," said Thomas Strowitzki. A night without sex so just fine.
Decreases only in women with age fertility

The men want to believe only too happy. But the truth is different. An eighteen year old boy is much more fruitful than a mid-forties. Advantage of the men: "Here the process is running slowly down, in women, the menopause is a clear cut," says Thomas Strowitzki. You can no longer have children then definitely, in men it is theoretically possible even to old age. It is more difficult but also with them. And: In case of late fatherhood , the risk of miscarriage is increased as well as the genetic alterations.