First Few Weeks

01/04/2015 21:08

The first few weeks with the baby, for the mother they are beautiful, but also very stressful. Learn to them maximum enjoyment ...

Whether you during pregnancy were depressed or you is that, fortunately, passed over - a new rhythm of life that dictates the baby will affect your mood, amount of energy, relations with partner or environment. This is especially pronounced during periods of confinement, which is recovering from birth and have not yet fully "his". If you keep this in mind, the easier it will accept the new biorhythm.

Here are some tips experienced mothers, who can you be of use:

1st Rest when you are resting and baby (forget for a while on the TV, that will only give you a time-consuming)

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Second Pampering in a way that suits you best (bath, music, exercise, meditation)

Third Carry only the necessary tasks in the household, and ask your partner for help or sister, mother, friend, if he can not because of work