First time at the dentist

13/09/2015 00:20

The purpose of the first visit to the dentist is introducing a child, sometimes parents, with the surrounding dental practice and the introduction of preventive measures (fluoridation, proper diet, fissure sealing). Visits can be done from six months of age, and no later than the second birthday.

The first visit to the dentist is probably the most important for the future of oral health of the child and so do not have a dentist should take a child only when a tooth hurts.

Parents play a crucial role in the preparation of the child for the first review. The baby crying is a normal reaction to the new environment. Relaxation dentist and parents is very important. After introductions and a few visits a child to be relaxed.

Morning and early afternoon is the ideal time of day for children, because there are not tired and irritable. It is recommended that the child comes paired with a peer, especially if you showed greater fear.

An experienced dentist has prepared a plan to visit his little patient.