Getting Pregnant After 35

27/04/2015 10:16

Problems after thirty-five

Dr. Susan Bully, a specialist in high-risk pregnancies, agrees with the opinion of their peers, and adds:

- Problems with infertility, and a complete inability to get pregnant, grow after thirty five years of age, and dramatically increase after the age of forty.

Many abortions are mainly caused by chromosomal disorders, and the same trend. Literally, every problematic pregnancies faced in his work, whether it is about the bleeding, high pressure, diabetes, premature babies - and the list is really long - is more likely in women older than 35, and even more likely in those older than 40 years .

These things have long been known and women are aware of it. But, in the last twenty years we have seen how the extension of the lifetime of women, and a growing number of older mothers. For most of them, I have to say, everything goes wrong - but all the more cases that can not end well - says Bully.

The decision of where he wants to become a mother, of course, is completely individual matter of each woman. But let us at the end and on the advice of British doctors:

The best time for a baby is between twenty and thirty years, and any longer delay motherhood, after that age, carries increasing risks ...