Hazard - bunk bed!

09/02/2015 11:03

Hazard bunk bed:  1000 injured children a year .

Each day, around 3 children due to accidents with bunk beds to the hospital. The most common injuries occur from falls off the bed, as in sleep or play. The accidents are an average treatment period of one week usually heavy, and by simple security measures often preventable.

"Bunk beds are not only there to sleep, kids use it prefers to play and romp. Here and there, bruises and scrapes can be as inevitable but probably serious injury. Furniture or furnishings have therefore lost nothing near a bunk bed, sufficiently high guardrails on all four sides of the bed are a must, a thick carpet with anti-slip cushion the fall, if the small "climbers" again next rise, says Dr. Rupert Kisser, Head of the Institute "Sure life" of the Board of Trustees for protection and safety.
Safe Life - Checklist for Children bunk beds:

  •     Maximum bunk bed height 160 cm.
  •     The upper bed is to be used only from the age of six years.
  •     Take at least 16 cm height from the surface of the mattress to the top railing. Caution in thick mattresses!
  •     Fix bunk bed with steel brackets to the wall.
  •     Slats in the upper part bolted to the frame.
  •     Head firmly affixed to the bed, because portable ladders easily slip away.
  •     Start ascent in the long side of a gap 30-40 cm have
  •     The distance between the feet of the ladder must be 20 - 30 cm be
  •     All exposed edges and the parts should be rounded
  •     The upper and lower bed and the head must be firmly attached .