How To Create Quality Curated Post

16/01/2016 10:46
The structure of the prepared content to basically supposed to have the following elements:
Author staged address - which is specifically tailored to the context of why the specific contents prepared. The reason for the preparation of the specific content does not have to be, for instance. the whole text, but only the part that deserves attention users who share content. Of course, the title may be the same as the original, but it is recommended that the title change in preparing the content.
Original image with the prepared content - very often people who organize some content using an image from the original source, but it is much better to use your own pictures or images that you own the copyrights. If the original source of the content has quality images that are licensed for distribution - sharing, then you can take advantage of these images.
Description prepared contents - Best practice shows that the description prepared content should further describe the reason why specific content was prepared with possible description of the content itself. Good to further isolate brief quote from the original content, again in the context of the reasons for its preparation.
Link to original content - This is mandatory if you want to create a legal form of content.
Call to Action - Depending on the reason for preparing the content, you can invite additional users to do a specific action on the page for a description of prepared content (curated post).