How To Maintain The Children's Wardrobe

10/01/2016 09:02
Decade or two ago, most babies wore cloth diapers and briefs that Sweden is, of course, should be boiled in order to be spotless. Given the fact that today almost all babies wear disposable diapers, there is no need to wash them at high temperatures.
Baby's clothes should always be washed separately from other household members wardrobe.
Colored clothes washed at 30 degrees and 60 degrees on white. When the machine has finished washing, once again turn the rinsing program or the option of additional rinsing.
New clothes just go through the warm water to clean off her remove dust collected from standing in the store.
Which washing powder to use?
Baby's skin is very sensitive and can react violently to certain substances from the detergent. Therefore, when the machine has finished washing, examine your underwear and make sure the "sticky" under his arm (not sufficiently washed). In this case, it would be good to once again turn the rinsing program.
Do you use fabric softener?
No mother wants her baby clothes to be perfectly clean, soft and fragrant. Therefore, we will not talk about individual substances from traditional softeners can cause redness, rashes and skin flakes, but we will tell you that you pay close attention to the softener use.
When purchasing detergent and fabric softener, which will monitor the baby's clothes bear in mind to be mild, gentle fragrance, that are biodegradable and contain additives of natural origin. Also, the package should be noted that they are dermatologically tested on sensitive skin, and appears 0+ means that can be used for washing clothes newborn children.