I'm not going to bed!

24/08/2015 16:59

Do not be surprised when your toddler starts temperamentally express anger. The child is stronger, so the incidents could have been more violent.

If the child's anger stems from frustration, help him clearly express their wishes; or if you want dessert before eating explain to him that he would spoil your appetite. You may continue to rage, but unlike the yearling can understand the basics of logic.

You can expect that it will refuse to go to sleep. With so many interesting things you can see and do, sleep seems terribly boring. Left alone in the crib child will protest loudly or will even jump the fence and try to find you.

Did you know

The most common fears are toilet-year-old, dark, costumes (especially clowns), imaginary creatures, bats and, of course, unknown persons. Most of these fears will disappear when you grow up in preschool.