Learning new movements

24/02/2015 22:42

Learning new movements: Help does not help :)

The children do not learn faster when parents help them," says Mecher. For every movement requires not only appropriately trained muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments, but also certain brain activities. The whole thing must be coordinated. In the first months of a responsive infant often due to reflections - vital for him. Only later he can control his movements consciously.

When that child is what this is completely different. If a baby really late times, the pediatrician can decide whether it needs a helping therapy.
Babies need to develop different strategies

By the time a child creates something alone, it must try a lot and down and fail, even if the parents can sometimes be difficult to view. Example seats: physiotherapist Mecher cites two strategies that babies be earned sitting. Some children come first in the - somewhat awkward - fours. Out of it they push themselves sometime back and land on the Po. "It's more of an intermediate stage, often remember the little that they can change their difficult situation from that position. But it was worth a try, "said the therapist.

Most babies learn but sit by support from the side with both hands. "Those who often pulls up his child on the hands to sitting, denied therefore important experience," explains Mecher. ". It does all transitions from lying to know to sit themselves and have the chance to repeat it" the only way a child noted also that it is not just grab with his hands, but can also support - essential if later learns to walk and fall forward.