Learning To Behave Properly

13/04/2015 11:54

There are many things that you need to teach your child, a good behavior ranks high. How is this long process, the sooner you start you will be easier.

Specifically, children with 18 months are starting to realize that others, just like they have feelings. So, it is the ideal age at which a child will show and prove how his behavior affects the environment.

Children learn manners slower than adults and thus the two-year child sufficient one lesson per month. You can start with the greeting neighbors passing by. Each child's attempt praise.

Children learn from their parents

This means that, when partners ask that you have added, you must do so with an accompanying "please" and "thank you". The child will, in addition to words, queries and color of your voice and intonation.

You must be consistent

Learning manners is a long process that requires a lot of exercise, and it should be open to all - you, partner, grandmother, kindergarten teacher, aunt ...