Less fluid - higher temperature

11/09/2015 00:18

At each high temperature the body needs more water, so it is important to drink enough fluids. Lack of fluid in the body often is a consequence rather than the cause of elevated temperature, so that it is precisely this lack as a result of an incentive to continue supporting febrile.

Fight with fever usually is "symptomatic". If your doctor has prescribed antibiotics, it does not mean that this problem is resolved fever, because a child under antibiotic therapy usually two days has a fever.

The first step in removing the temperature more than 39 degrees is physical - massage, watering and showering the child with tepid water (temperature about 35 degrees Celsius). The whole body, except the face and head, should be watering.

The water, which thus perishes with the body surface, takes him a significant amount of heat. To remove the temperature in children, alcohol is not a good choice. Rubbing the skin terry towel soaked in warm water has a weaker effect.

Lining of warm water so apply a wet diaper damp or wet sheet (lukewarm water), wrap the child from neck to toe. Above that puts the thicker, dry terry cloth towel. After four to five minutes to compress such removed, the child is completely unfolded and rubbed terry towel.

Medicines for downloading temperatures give your child only if recommended by a doctor. Never in my hand to give syrups or any other medicines. Effect after administration of the drug occur after half an hour to 45 minutes, even after the application of therapies not neglect physical methods of removing temperatures.